The School of Continuing Education at Providence College was a bit of a hidden jewel among Rhode Island’s educational options.

Our job was to increase its awareness among millennials 24-35 and convince them that completing their educations at PC was a really good deal. Fish created an easy-to-use Return on Education (ROE) calculator to give prospective students a real education about the value of PC SCE.


  • Tactics: Pandora, Spotify, Facebook, Instagram, Facebook retargeting and Fish Drops
  • Messaging geared towards millenials age 24-35 within a 20-mile radius of PC
  • Targeted by:
    • Interests (websites they go to like Buzzfeed, Reddit, Netflix, Hulu, celebrities they like)
    • Education levels (completed some college, finished associates degree)
    • Behaviors (online shopping and smartphone users)
    • Competitive Universities and Colleges


  • Month long campaign more than doubled inquiries
  • From 230 in Fall 2015 to 512 in Fall 2016
  • Fish Message Drops in October resulted in 90 call backs and increased enrollment
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