Fish Online

Fish Online gets your prospects where they live. And Work. And Play. The tech we employ finds them on their phones, in their cars, and anywhere they choose to browse

Fish Scout

Scout bends technology to your will to make your message resonate with your customers – wherever they are and whatever they’re doing. For example, our platform enables us to buy space on virtually any site in the world to essentially follow your prospects around and further persuade them at every opportunity.

Fish Fusion

Fish Fusion creates and deploys a wide variety of communications approaches, each with a distinctly personal touch, to offer you unprecedented insight into the identity of buyers and the unique ability to target them – for less.

Fish Message Drop

Fish Message Drop is digital that delivers. Server-to-voicemail technology “drops” a pre-recorded message onto cell phone messaging systems. Unlike robocalls that actually call your phone (and are therefore easy to ignore), message drops appear on your prospects’ phones as delivered messages. It’s a unique, cost-effective approach that produces superior call back rates.


Superior SEO orchestrates all the right keywords to make sure your site shows up first on organic search – and we know all the best words. No, its not rocket science, but you’d be surprised at how many companies are asleep at the SEO wheel.


With Adwords and Bing ads, we muscle up your website by increasing its visibility in paid search engine results pages. The Fish Online Team are experts in getting a low cost per click and will increase the time spent on your site through PPC campaigns.

Social Media

We’re experts at using every conceivable (and appropriate) social media platform to reach your key demographic at lower costs compared to traditional media. Not only will we use the right social media platform, but we utilize all possible creative strategies to get your brand seen and heard.


  • Snapchat: Video ads show in between stories.
  • Twitter:  Sponsored posts on the news feed
  • Facebook: Sponsored posts on the newsfeed and on the sidebar of the page
  • Instagram/ Instagram stories: Video ads show in between stories, in sponsored posts on news feed, influencer management
  • LinkedIn: Sponsored emails that pop up in your LinkedIn messages.

Through these channels and others, we routinely target specific target audience as well as retarget those who have shown interest in your brand, product or service.

Translation: Thanks to Fish, your key audiences will remember you when they’re ready to buy.

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