An Advertising Agency that

Ignites Your Brand & Bottom Line!

Welcome to Fish Advertising, a Rhode Island Advertising Agency that Ignites Your Brand & Bottom Line!

At Fish Advertising, we create Advertising campaigns that drive marketing results.  Through our various types of services offered from Media Buying to Graphic Design to Production, we make sure we choose the most efficient and effective strategy to ignite your customers to act! Fish Advertising newest service Fish Online is a complete digital management service.  With this new service your business will improve its presence in the digital world.

Fish Advertising is located  in East Greenwich, RI. We are a Rhode Island Advertising Agency with a proven track record and exciting resume of advertising and marketing work done in RI, New England and beyond.  President & RI resident Blair Fish is a patent pending holder of a marketing technology named Fish Cross-Media 1 to 1.

So if you want an Advertising Agency that gets it, then choose Fish Advertising. Because at Fish Advertising, it’s about Igniting Your Brand AND Your Bottom Line!

Drop Fish a Line: Fish Advertising East Greenwich, RI 401.418.4929